Email is vital in corporate communications

Do your employees value and understand their role within the company?

Do your distributors or business partners know the latest corporate directives?

Do your customers open and interact with your emails?

Email communication should be much more than just sending your message to "the group." It's having a team of email marketing strategists to guide you and provide a customized look that properly represents your corporate image, with message and frequency that maximize the impact and value of your email communications. HMG has been providing this type of guidance for over 20 years to companies large and small around the water cooler or around the world in 50 countries and 19 languages. Our comprehensive offering of products and services can be uniquely tailored to suite your company's email communication needs.

A key differentiator is the email broadcasting engine itself, Peer360. Begun in-house in 2001, Peer360 has been continuously enhanced and industry tested. We are the only platform approved by Citigroup's security team for use corporate wide. Consider this; since we own the code, HMG can provide unparalleled flexibility and customization with unique features like Dynamic Content, Zone Manager, A/B Testing, Scheduled Sends and our high-level , robust reporting just to name a few.

If you can dream it we can do it.

All customers are valued and supported with world class customer service. That's why many have trusted Peer360 for more than 10 years. Peer360 is a top-of-the-line, feature‐rich platform offering flexibility, functionality and in‐depth reporting capabilities.

Our email communications can be created with just the help you need or want. You can do it yourself because our tools are designed to be easy for non-technical users. Or we can do it for you. Send us your copy and leave the driving to us. We help many corporate marketing teams wow their audience and hit tough deadlines.

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Working with start-ups to Fortune 500s — we imagine, design and build core properties people want to interact with.

Let our seasoned email team help you find the approach that will motivate your audience, accomplish your goals, and match your budget.

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